Winter Gloves-SnowShield Gloves

These gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry in cold winter weather. They are lightweight, breathable, and 100% waterproof for maximum protection against the elements. Perfect for outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, and ice fishing.

Risparmia: 50,00 (26%)


1x 139,002x 118,903x 104,90
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Durable Design

These waterproof winter gloves feature a durable design to keep hands warm and dry in cold weather. Their enhanced grip and adjustable wrist straps provide a secure fit for any outdoor activity.

Enhanced Grip

These winter gloves keep your hands warm and dry in any weather. The enhanced grip ensures you won’t lose your grip on those slippery surfaces.

Breathable Fabric

These winter gloves feature a breathable fabric that allows your hands to stay warm and dry, even in wet conditions. Their waterproof design will keep hands protected from the rain and snow.

Affordable Price

Keep your hands warm and dry during the winter months with these affordable waterproof winter gloves. Enjoy comfort and protection at an unbeatable price.


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